Blender Animations
I made the animations in Blender and edited them in Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.

Phone Animation VFX Test
I used only Adobe After Effects for the first video and MDMZ's Youtube video helped me to make this video. 
I used After Effects and Blender to make the second video.

Formula 1 VFX Test
I used Blender to make the video. 
Nik Kottman's Youtube video helped me to make this video.

CET 49C Project Videos
CET 49C course's aim is to prepare educational videos by using the elements and principles of designs, and creating projects in Adobe After Effects.
(UI) User interface design principles and application areas will also be examined in this course and new projects will be designed.

Martı Gençlik Dernegi (MAGEND) Instagram Reels Videoları
I edit Instagram Reels videos as a volunteer for the MAGEND association. These videos contain interesting information about various countries.
Videos I made:

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - Equality isn't Voluntary, it's Mandatory (EIG)
Thanks to the project, the participants had the chance to discuss equality in every aspect, raise awareness of the terms that should be known under the concept of equality, and discuss the inequalities in society.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - What is the Difference (EIG)
Thirty-five young people from seven countries participated in the "What is the Difference" Youth Exchange in Arsuz, Hatay. Through various workshops, presentations, and games throughout the project, participants learned to see and respect their differences.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - Eco Rugs (EIG)
Thirty-seven participants from five countries have participated in the "ECO-RUGS" Youth Exchange project in Wieliczka, Poland. The project focused on sustainable recycling ideas, maximum benefits to the ecological order, environmentally friendly methods, and environmental consciousness.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - Check Your Privilege (EIG)
Participants shared their experiences and thoughts on social inequalities with the other five countries involved in the project. They got up-to-date information on what problems exist in other participants’ countries.

ETHNIC TC - Videos About Values of European Union Videos Activity
We made this video in the "Embracing the Harmony, Nationalities In Colors (ETHNIC)" Training Course in Malta. 
We had only hours to make a video and, we aimed to show the importance of inclusion and the consequences of exclusion.

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